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About Us - Coaches

Mark Hillier-Rees

Mark has competed at Expert Level British Championship, Championship Level Welsh Championship for a number of years and completed three International Six Days Enduros in France, Portugal and Italy. He also currently sits on the Welsh Motorcycle Federation board as Enduro Chairman. His achievement's are: 

3 x Silver Medalist and Top 30 C3 ISDE

British Sprint Enduro Expert E3 Champion 

Welsh Enduro Championship Runner Up Overall 

British Enduro Championship Clubman E3 Champion 

Harry Hillier-Rees 

Harry is an accomplished Enduro competitor still competing in the British Championship at Expert Level capable of top 3 overall finishes. He has also competed at the Welsh Championship level and completed two International Six Days Enduro in Portugal and Italy. His achievements to date are:

1 x Gold and 1 x Silver Medalist and Top 30 C1 ISDE

British Enduro Championship Expert E2+E3 Runner Up

British Enduro Championship Clubman E2 Champion 

We will also have additional guest Sherco riders during selected training days to help with advanced tuition.




The Machinery 


Sherco SEF 300 Factory




Husqvarna Norden 901





Sherco ST 300 Factory